One of your biggest fears has happened. At the recent big strategy meeting, a vice president brought up the fact that everything on their mobile phone is now hosted on the cloud, and asked why your company didn’t have the same flexibility. He or she wants to check the stats on your company’s proprietary software before going into marketing meetings, and wants to know why that isn’t possible.

You made some comment about needing to get back to the team on that, and now you’re scrambling to figure out what to do. Upgrading that proprietary software to include a mobile app just isn’t possible, and you know that the underlying issue really is bigger than that. With IT costs rising with every obsolete PC that needs replacing, the cloud question keeps coming up, but you’re not an expert and you need some good, practical advice.

In order to provide some assistance to people like you, here are some online desktop questions and their answers. We believe these answers will go a long way to relieving your fears and giving you a plan to take to your next strategy meeting.

  • If you host my company’s desktops in the cloud, can my vice president access our proprietary program on a mobile device?
  • Yes. Anything you are running now can be installed on an online desktop, and accessed with any smart phone or tablet.

  • Do I have to keep buying new desktop computers in order to access your online hosting service?
  • No. As long as your older computers can still boot up and connect to the internet, you can keep using them. Not only that, the speed of your connection and workspace will probably increase, because online desktops are hosted on large, powerful servers with speedy processors, rather than older, less powerful PCs.

  • Will my data be secure?
  • Yes. One great advantage of online desktops is that cloud hosts know they must always keep up with the latest technology in order to keep every client’s data safe, virus-free and secure. Otherwise they would quickly go out of business. This means that your data is probably a lot more secure on the cloud than it is now, on your server.

  • What happens if there’s a problem?
  • Online hosting services work 24/7, so there’s always a way to contact us, and a human who can answer, if there’s a problem.
    So let go of your fears and contact us today to learn more about the advantages of online desktops!