Everything You Need To Know About Budgeting For Outsourced IT Services

For today’s business leaders, making the decision to outsource the management and optimization of their IT infrastructure seems like the obvious choice. However, what’s not so obvious, is how businesses should strategically price out and budget for managed IT services. We’re on a mission to help business leaders like you make more informed decisions when it comes to paying for outsourced IT services.

Pricing Out Managed IT Services: Things You Should Know

If your business is trying to price out the ideal managed IT services arrangement, it’s a good idea to start by creating a game plan. When you go into your search for managed IT services with a clear idea of what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to pay for it, you’ll be less likely to get stuck paying for unnecessary or irrelevant extras.

Here are some key things to consider when pricing out managed IT services:

  • Average pricing models

Do a little bit of research to understand how the different pricing models for managed IT services work. There are many different models including break-fix, fixed-rate, per device or per user. Depending on the unique needs of your organization and the budget parameters you’re working with, you’ll be able to determine which of these pricing models is the most cost-efficient.

  • Cost and value should be priorities

Remember, when creating a budget for managed services you shouldn’t just be thinking about the hard numbers. Cost is obviously important, and you should be making considerations for how much services cost and what you’re willing to pay. However, be sure to make considerations about value as well. When it comes to managed IT services, what does value look like for your organization? How do you want a managed service provider to improve the way your business functions?

  • Don’t overpay

Make sure the price that providers offer you isn’t sky-high based on the services you’re getting in return. Very often providers claim to offer a managed service package for a fixed-rate. But make sure you’re getting your money’s worth if this is the route you choose. A managed service package should include all the valuable IT services you need and it should be offered for a reasonable price.

  • Create an informed budget

When you’re creating your budget for IT services, make sure it’s detailed and well-thought-out. You should make considerations not only for the types of services you need most, but also for the levels of support and service you hope to maintain over the long term. When you create a budget that reflects your specific needs you’ll be sure you’re paying for things you need and nothing you don’t.

  • Factor in return-on-investment benefits

This last tip is linked to how your business defines value. Once you decide to outsource your IT services, it’s important for you to consider the tangible return-on-investment benefits that your organization is looking for. This means thinking about the long-term benefits that outsourcing your IT management could offer like increased productivity, scalability, uptime, and more.

Finding the Right Provider for Outsourced IT Services

Now that we’ve given you our two-cents, we hope you’ll feel more empowered and prepared to search for a valuable and cost-effective managed service provider. Don’t be afraid to compare the prices of different providers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and be clear about what you’re willing and not willing to spend. Talk to other businesses in your industry – ask what they’re paying for IT services and support.

Above all, if you’re ready to take the plunge and outsource the management of your business’ IT infrastructure, start by reaching out to the team of IT professionals at Infiniwiz. The Infiniwiz team prioritizes value for our customers over everything else, so we’re ready and willing to sit down and help you create a reasonable budget for a fully-managed IT support experience.

At Infiniwiz, our team of IT experts offers a variety of cost-effective business IT solutions, including:

  • Fully managed IT service and support
  • Strategic IT consulting
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Data center management and optimization
  • Hosted Cloud services
  • Office 365 management and optimization
  • VoIP services
  • Software development
  • Quickbooks desktop management and optimization

We believe strongly in providing value to our customers and helping them not only understand but see the return on their investment. Business IT is supposed to make the lives of business leaders easier. From the offset, we will work alongside you and your team to ensure the IT service arrangement you invest in, is actually an investment in your own business.

Don’t keep questioning how much it’ll cost to outsource the management and optimization of your IT infrastructure. The Infiniwiz team will work alongside you and offer straight-forward consultation to ensure you get a managed IT service and support plan with no surprises. Reach our team of IT professionals anytime at (847) 250-1818.