Most professionals have heard of cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive. In fact, most of us have had accounts on these platforms at one time or another. In addition, we’ve all heard about the growing cybersecurity risks that you can face in various scenarios and heard much of the advice that experts give.

    • Use something on your computer to protect from malware,
    • Connect to secure networks,
    • Pay attention and use secure passwords, and
    • Backup your data so that you can restore it if you need to.

However, the main piece of advice for businesses is to work with a professional IT managed services firm. Unfortunately, most professionals that don’t have HIPAA or other compliance concerns to consider when handling electronic data, don’t take this advice to heart and try to manage their own security.

Many things happen when professionals do this. Unfortunately, you might think you understand a term that you don’t. One key example of this is the fact that most non-IT professionals mistake cloud storage for cloud backup. They think the terms are one and the same, interchangeable. However, they are quite different.

Most businesses have to save data for years including:

    • Customer data,
    • Purchase histories,
    • Accounting spreadsheets,
    • Marketing and business plans, and
    • So much more.

It’s very important to understand what to use cloud storage for and what to use cloud backup for.

Cloud Storage

Well-known cloud storage platforms include Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive. However, mistaking these for secure backup solutions isn’t a safe bet. Many businesses use cloud storage because it’s free and easy to access. It’s also great for sharing files with co-workers, fellow team members and clients. They’re also great for making sure your current work is available on every device you use.

Cloud Backup

Use cloud backup when you have a volume of files you need to save, but don’t need immediate access to the files, like:

    • Excel databases,
    • Server-fulls of data, and
    • Large volume records extracted from CRM and other software applications.

Cloud backup is a proactive IT solution that gives your data greater protection like:

    1. Version control,
    2. Ransomware protection,
    3. Continuous monitoring for file changes,
    4. Automatic new file creation for changed files, (Your originals stay intact,)
    5. Automatic upload,
    6. Data stored in multiple physical locations,
    7. Extra levels of encryption and password protection, and
    8. Support for regulatory compliance

Contact us today at Infiniwiz to learn more about the solutions we offer. Many business owners learn that they don’t completely understand the technological risks they face even when they think they do. However, protecting yourself isn’t complicated. We can take you step-by-step through the easy process of securing and managing your data.