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No matter what type of business your company does, you will need the help of IT professionals. IT can help your business become more profitable, more efficient, and increase staff morale. The help of IT professionals can foster better communications with staff and clients and help your business leverage technology in a way that will provide higher levels of satisfaction for your customers.

Besides the active benefits listed above, managed IT service providers (MSPs) can be essential to your business’s operations for their range of preventative measures. Most significantly, it is important for your company to invest in ransomware protection. Ransomware protection in Rolling Meadows IL covers an array of services, from setting up firewalls to educating you and your business on how to better protect yourself. Especially if you are a small business in the Chicagoland area, you should consider investing in ransomware protection in Rolling Meadows IL.

Dangers of Not Investing in Ransomware Protection in Rolling Meadows IL

Ransomware can be more than just an inconvenience for your business. Ransomware attacks can take a lot of time and money away from your company. When ransomware hits, your firm may be forced to be extremely unproductive. In some cases, you may be able to access your email but none of your company’s important documents. Besides the inefficiency associated with ransomware, your firm will still have to pay the salaries of your employees. In addition to this, you have to worry about the price of the ransom in bitcoin or another Cryptocurrency. According to MarketWatch, 1 bitcoin is equal to almost $3,500. The acquisition of Cryptocurrency can also take a lot of time, during which your business will just be in stand-still. The ransom will depend on the size of your business but can be between one and ten, or even more, bitcoin. This is a huge waste of money and time, when your business could have just prevented this from happening by investing in ransomware protection in Rolling Meadows IL. And this isn’t like lightning, which isn’t likely hit the same place twice. If you have already been hit with ransomware, you are at a higher risk to be hit again.

Benefits of Investing in Ransomware Protection in Rolling Meadows IL

Though the dangers of ransomware can seem extreme, especially for a small business, this problem can be easily averted. By having a business-grade firewall (such as Sophos), a good back-up system, and the right security mechanisms, your business should be able to forego all of the negative consequences of ransomware. A good MSP who focuses on ransomware protection in Rolling Meadows IL can help you prevent ransomware from affecting your business. They will focus on things such as dark web monitoring, better web filtering, firewalls, and spam filters.

With a good back-up system put in place, you don’t even need to negotiate ransom demands. Since you can just re-access all of your data and documents from the back-up. With the help of your MSP, you can just set your system up again, this time with better protection. Because of the time and money, you would save, a good back-up plan is essential. It doesn’t always matter if you follow all of the best business practices; sometimes problems will occur anyway. Even the best firewall can be broken, so you should always have a last-resort plan.


When you have an issue with ransomware, you must be on alert for a possible breach of data. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created in 1966 to provide provisions for data privacy and security, in order to protect medical information. If you are a small business that deals with a healthcare institution or medical data, then ransomware could be cause for concern of breach of data. Though compliance of HIPAA can help your business safeguard against ransomware, since HIPAA requires the implementation of a security management process, some ransomware may get through. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, ransomware indicates a security incident for your business. Be mindful if this incident has turned into a breach of data.

One of the best, and easiest, things your small business can do to ensure growth and success is investing in ransomware protection in Rolling Meadows IL. Don’t let your business be hurt by something that is preventable.