Ransomware Recovery Services In Chicago

When you need ransomware recovery help for your Chicago accounting firm, turn to the experienced IT consultants at Infiniwiz. We can also help you develop preventative measures to avoid data breaches.  

Hackers target accounting firms because they store sensitive information. Many accounting firms also have only a few employees, none of whom had the technical chops to cultivate robust cybersecurity.

It’s more than accounting firms that are vulnerable. Ransomware attacks have increased by 300%. Meanwhile, dozens of city, state and county governments fell under attack this year.

In many cases, affected organizations end up paying ransom to get their data back. This is a combination of a lack of knowledge and improper guidance. Reaching out to cybersecurity experts may help your business avoid becoming one of these statistics.

Infiniwiz serves accounting firms and understands the regulatory and compliance environment that comes with financial reporting and responsibilities. We can help you prepare for a potential data breach at the same time we bolster your security to help prevent one.

Why Do Accounting Firms Make Attractive Targets?

Ransomware has been a popular word in headlines across the nation in recent years. Related cybercrime has grown both in frequency and scale. That’s why it’s important to partner with knowledgeable cybersecurity experts who can implement policies and procedures as well as hardware and software solutions to secure your firm’s important data.

Accounting firms make attractive targets for ransomware authors due to:

  • Numerous Access Points
  • Sensitive Data
  • Vulnerable New Technology

There are steps that your firm can take to protect your network and sensitive customer data. One of the best defensive moves you can make is calling in cybersecurity consultants to assess the vulnerability of your entire system.

Inifiwiz consultants perform assessments and suggest proactive solutions to keep accounting and other systems secure.

How Can You Design a Ransomware Recovery Plan?

Ransomware is similar to other cyberattacks in how it gets into your network, but it poses a much greater threat to your firm. Designing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy takes experience and is best implemented by a team of IT professionals with many years of experience combatting hackers and other bad actors.

Inifiwiz works with your team of accountants, managers and support staff to assess possible threats and put an effective plan in place to ensure disaster discovery and business continuity efforts are prioritized appropriately.

What’s at Stake?

Ransomware attacks can bring business to a halt, resulting in a loss of billable hours and reputation damage. You could also face legal challenges if clients believe their information has been compromised. If you have to pay ransom to regain access to your network, it could set your business back by thousands of dollars or more.

Ransomware often shuts down the entire network, including access to back-office software. This could make an impossible to process paychecks or guarantee the privacy of employee data, among other problems.

Ransomware perpetrators sometimes come from insiders or outside amateurs. However, the evidence is increasingly pointing to sophisticated hackers, some of whom are the agents and foreign governments.

Ransomware Recovery in Chicago

When you need ransomware recovery help for your Chicago accounting firm, turn to the experienced IT consultants at Infiniwiz. We can help you develop preventative measures, such as remote backups, as well as an effective recovery plan to get your business up and running quickly in the event of a data breach.