New research from Infonetics reveals that the demand for PBX and unified communications services is expected to continue to increase, with a 13 percent market increase in 2014 and a market valued at $12 billion by 2018. While the use of premises-based PBX services have declined, the Business Acceleration Infocenter reported, businesses are liking the idea of cloud-based services such as hosted PBX. Hosted services seats grew by more than 20 percent in 2013, the article noted.

According to Infonetics, the uncertainty that is facing users of hosted services is the variety of options that are available to them and a lack of consistent billing structures throughout the industry. Despite these challenges though, the article stated, there is wide-spread adoption of the technology in small, mid-size, and large companies.

It’s little wonder that businesses are turning to hosted PBX for their company communication needs. With hosted services from Infiniwiz, you can save up to 50 percent of what you were paying for your traditional phone service, while getting full scalability — meaning you’re paying for the phones you need and you can expand or reduce that number at any time. Hosted PBX provides you with a mobile solution that enables you to unite multiple office locations or even telecommuting employees with a single number. Make, receive, and transfer calls from anywhere with an internet connection. Hosted PBX is feature-rich, as well. Now you can enjoy advanced call forwarding, virtual receptionist, advanced call distributions and other functions that would cost a lot more if you were to order them from other vendors.

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