Sometimes it’s hard to make people understand that they are taking risks when it comes to mobile security. This is often especially true for lower paid staff members like administrative workers or people like handymen or cleaning staff. This is often because:

    • They don’t care because they don’t think you’re paying them enough to worry about company security,
    • They don’t feel their job allows them access to any information to anything important anyway,
    • They feel changing their mobile activities will negatively affect their social lives, or
    • They don’t completely understand what risks their activities open your company up to

Because of this, most employers just put controls on office computers.

Even if a staff member hopped on to visit PlentyofFish, play video games online or participate in some other insecure or inappropriate activity at work; they likely couldn’t even navigate to it. Or an alarm would go off, allowing the business owner or manager to discipline the employee and ensure it never happened again.

However, now most employees carry mobile devices and most offices use WiFi to access the web. This means employers no longer have the same control over company data that they used to. If a staff member, (or a friend of his), has the right know-how, that person can access just about anything he wants to with either a USB drive or a WiFi connection. This means that no matter what your staff member does, what department he works in or what he’s earning; you have to maintain mobile security best practices across the board.

The only way to do this is to:

    1. Have measures in place to detect strange devices that access your network and immediately be able to disable the network until you’ve solved the problem,
    2. Equip all of your computers with the appropriate antivirus and malware protection,
    3. Have the proper disaster recovery security solutions in place, in case there is a breach and you have to erase everything and start over, and
    4. Require all employees to use secure devices for business. (Secure devices prevent, “friends,” and strangers alike from accessing the data on mobile devices during transit or if the device is lost)

As you can see, mobile device security is just as complex as network security; so just contact us today. We can give you both airtight mobile and network security, so you don’t have to worry about employee data compromise anymore.