Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a steadily increasing feature-rich and cost-effective option for business telecommunications everywhere. Because a VoIP provider essentially uses Internet protocols to transmit data, rather than using costly analog telephone lines, the VoIP provider is able to pass on the savings to their customers in comparatively very low monthly fees. Residential customers as well as businesses can and should take advantage of such savings. To date, many mid and large sized businesses have already jumped on the VoIP bandwagon and are realizing the benefits, but the following are three reasons to consider small business VoIP.

Greed is Good – Okay, so I like to include a good movie quote in a blog every now and again whenever possible. But, the truth is that VoIP saves money. A fully hosted PBX VoIP service can cost a small business as low as $40/month. Since the system is hosted, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and maintenance while at the same time having access to all features an in-house system would have.

Custom Fit – VoIP can be customized to suit any size business. If your business grows, add as many extensions as you need. If you unfortunately need to downsize, then take them away. It’s all easier with VoIP because you don’t need to schedule a technician to come in and run new wires or remove them. Ah, this thing called the Internet can really be quite wonderful!

Plug n’ Play – That’s pretty much all there is to it. Nearly all of the installation and maintenance is performed by your provider. Just plug in your phone and VoIP will start working and saving for you right away!

VoIP for your small business really just requires a basic Internet connection. After you set up your router and you plug in your VoIP adapter, you should be ready to go. But, the provider you choose will surely give you all the information you need. VoIP is suitable for any level of tech savvy; from novice all the way up to Bill Gates.

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