Procrastination is its own reward; so here are two great reasons you need better security solutions before the holidays.

Remote Access: The holidays present a unique challenge to security since it is a time when diligent employees often check in while not in the office. Employees who use remote access only during holidays and vacations are most likely not attuned to the security risks posed by mobile devices and engaging in what appears to be harmless access but is, in fact, risky behavior. The risky behavior could be the utilization of the public WiFi, not being careful to only use approved remote-access systems and tools, and using personal emails.

Using mobile devices for work is especially risky and more predominate during the holidays when many employees may be accessing sensitive content remotely using a mobile device. Since many workers are careless about mobile security, security risks become abundant making it possible for attackers to exploit them.

If you doubt this is a problem, consider the following security survey reported in an article in Computer A security firm known as Eset found that of the survey respondents in the UK 44 percent said they planned to take their work-enabled mobile device with them during the holidays. One-fifth of them will check their work related emails daily, and over one-third reported that they do not check the Wi-Fi network of hotels for privacy and security.

According to a survey conducted by Ovum and Dimension Data, 70 percent of UK firms do not currently have a formal mobile policy. This means the employees must figure out security themselves. This lack of attention to security by companies is proving to be costly since it allows attacks through the mobile devices of employees.

Shopping Online: Since most businesses believe it is better to have employees in the office rather than have them take off for shopping, it is no longer considered taboo to shop online when in the office.

Shopping at sites such as eBay, Walmart or Amazon can be considered secure; however, the small online retailers simply do not have the capability to do rigorous security reviews of their sites. This makes them vulnerable to attacks that may steal credit card data as well as information about their employees such as email addresses, mailing addresses and passwords. When employees provide their email addresses, the information of the brand they shopped with can be used for a phishing attack.

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