During our recent recession, many small businesses learned what it really means to cut costs. Anything that could be altered or eliminated was up for grabs, including basic services necessary for operation. Recently many businesses have made the change to voice over IP (VoIP) for their phone service to save money.

Small Business VoIP services are a worthwhile investment for your company. Here’s why:

1. Cost saving

Looking to trim costs, but not sure where to start? Your company will save hundreds per year by making the simple switch to VoIP. By using your existing internet service, you are able to avoid all of those unknown and undefinable “landline” fees. The fees with VoIP are straightforward with less month-to-month fluctuation than regular landline fees. Not to mention that VoIP is up to 50% cheaper than a regular landline!

2. Connect multiple offices

Do you have multiple offices? Are long-distance fees eating your entire phone budget? With VoIP, all of your offices can be seamlessly connected from Seattle to Miami, and everywhere in between. Calling an employee in another time zone is as easy as calling your secretary down the hall. Have an office in Beijing? You can connect with associates or employees in other countries, as if they were in the same office, without the need to place international calls.

3. Superior technology to regular landlines

Did you forget to write down your customer’s phone number before you hung up? Its easy to check call histories for every phone in your system and find the missing number. Or, if you are expecting an important call but you have to run an errand, you can very simply set up your phone to forward your calls to another phone. Also, if you need to do work at home that involves using the phone, you can take your phone home and plug it in to your own internet line and STILL be connected to your Small Business VoIP service.

4. Scalability

Looking to expand your business in the near future? Or even retract one area of your business? VoIP allows you to alter your phone needs much easier than a regular landline service. With VoIP, its easy to tie multiple lines in to one phone number. There are even ways to add large quantities of phone lines to the same phone number.

If you would like any more information about any of these advantages of VoIP, or have any other questions, feel free to contact us!