Although access to your computers is a necessary part of how we deliver support, the Inifiniwiz team doesn’t want you to worry that we’re taking advantage of the privilege. We follow a carefully developed process to ensure access is necessary and non-disruptive. 

As you likely assume, the Inifiniwiz team has “any time” access to your business’ computers. It’s necessary in order for us to deliver support, manage updates, and more. 

However, this likely raises a logical question for you: does it mean Infiniwiz staff can connect to your computer at literally “any time”? 

Connecting During Work Hours:

We only connect if we receive a request from the user of the computer. This way, when we connect, it doesn’t surprise people. Depending on the situation (if the request came in minutes ago or hours ago), we may connect and start working right away, or engage with a chat first.

We may get the request via email, phone, or website – it doesn’t matter, because all requests are documented the same way as a ticket. If you believe that you didn’t make a support request, please ask, and we’ll quickly investigate.

Exceptions do happen, but they are rare. If we need to connect to your computer without your request, we will clear it with you first to make sure it’s not interrupting your work. 

Connecting Afterhours:

Normally we push out maintenance updates and other tasks without connecting to the computer. However, in some cases, we may need to install an application or resolve an issue afterhours. 

Without connecting to a remote machine, we look at the idle time that is reported by our Remote Management tool:

  • If it states that the computer has not been used for ten or more minutes, we initiate the connection.
  • If the computer is not idle, but we feel the issue is urgent enough, we will contact the user via phone or email, and ask for permission to connect.

 That’s how it works – our processes are designed to limit intrusion and disruption, while still prioritizing timely support and the management of important updates and installations. If you’re ever unsure about how the Infiniwiz team is managing access to your computers, please get in touch with us to chat further.