Scheduling Tool: Easily Book, Reschedule, and Cancel Appointments

Sometimes, vendors take more time arranging a meeting than the duration it will last: too many calls, text messages, and email correspondences. And before you know it, your prospects have given up and sought an alternative.

Every business has only 24 hours in a day, and it’s how you use them that makes the difference between you and your competition. Time lost is money lost, literally or otherwise. If there’s an area where vendors lose a lot of time, it’s when scheduling meetings and appointments.

What Does Your Typical Scheduling Process Look Like?

Do you and the other parties have to manually flick through your calendars, shooting suggestions back and forth, until you find an empty spot? Or, do you have to share your calendar with every stranger that wants to make an appointment? This traditional approach is like a bad game of battleships — it takes a lot of time and does not produce the best results. By the time you are landing on an hour that suits both of you, you’ll have lost time; and probably the potential partners too. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of tools to help you arrange vendor meetings more effectively and time-consciously.

You no longer have to suggest meeting times over and over, hoping for a hit or miss — or even worse, share your calendar with prospects and let them see every detail of your schedules. Let’s show you how you can use ScheduleOnce as a go-between.

Introducing ScheduleOnce, A ‘Top-Of-The-Funnel’ Scheduling Tool

To move potential partners into your funnel, you must quickly establish and sustain reliable contacts. If they don’t have an easy way to reach your team members, most of your vendor leads will hit a dead end. When potential vendors fill your web forms or send an email, they expect you to reach out immediately and schedule an appointment. If you keep them waiting for long, they’ll get frustrated and lose interest. Worse still, they could go to one of your competitors.

ScheduleOnce seeks to solve this problem — it enables vendors to connect with your team easily:

  • With this tool, you can integrate scheduling with your web forms, marketing campaigns, and email communication platforms.
  • Vendors interested in a product demo, a discovery call, or any other meeting will instantly schedule appointments online.
  • ScheduleOnce then automatically assigns these appointments to the relevant team members, gives web conferencing details, and appraises all interested parties.
  • All bookings are instantly registered in your team members’ calendars. ScheduleOnce integrates with all major Calendars (Outlook, Exchange, Google Calendar, and many more) to give you and your partners the best scheduling experience.

Why Your Chicago Business Needs Schedule Once

  • Higher Lead Conversion Rates: The tool integrates scheduling into your websites and business processes, enabling partners to book meetings without navigating away from your sites. This, coupled with its ability to facilitate instant bookings, reduces spillages synonymous with long waiting hours.
  • ScheduleOnce Integrates With Several Productivity Tools: You can, therefore, quickly transfer scheduling data to other apps used by your organization. From CRM tools like SalesForce and Infusionsoft to web-conferencing platforms like Zoom and WebEx, PayPal, and Zapier, which allows you to integrate with over a thousand productive apps — the tool gives you the equipment needed to get work done, all in one place.
  • You Get to Protect Users Privacy: All the sessions are assigned unique IDs to protect your users’ privacy and the integrity of their credentials. The platform’s booking and master pages are ADA and Section508 compliant, i.e., your partners only use screen readers and keyboard navigators to schedule meetings.

You can always get in touch with Infiniwiz for help with leveraging ScheduleOnce for your Chicago business.

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