Planning for disaster recovery usually requires a back up source of data, such as a hosted desktop. Hosted desktops allows businesses to backup their data so that in the event of a hard drive failure, businesses can still access and recover their documents without any noticeable setbacks.

But the other half of disaster recovery planning deals with communication; your business has to keep in touch with clients to ensure them of your ongoing business operations with such services such as small business VoIP. Depending on the type of disaster, however, communicating with customers can be a tricky task.

If your business is still using a traditional landline phone system, you may have trouble communicating with clients during a disaster. Traditional landline phones go down quickly during a storm, and if your customers are used to calling your business as a means of communication, it may be difficult to reach them during this time.

It’s possible to prevent the business downtime that comes from using traditional phone systems, however. Small business VoIP allows companies to communicate with clients during certain types of disasters. A recent Tech Target article discusses business VoIP and explains how it can be used for disaster recovery:

    “The user plugs into an Internet connection, fires up the VPN client and just like magic, email works. There’s actually no magic about it; that’s the way IP is supposed to work. The same thing can be done for telephony if IP is being used. Anywhere there is an Internet connection, there can be corporate telephony. This flexibility and adaptability is perfect for any emergency or disaster situation where other networks may be inoperable.”

With a traditional phone system, if your business’ phone line goes down, there’s no way to use it to communicate with clients. Business VoIP systems, however, are flexible and can be used wherever there’s an Internet connection. This can be the difference in continuing business operations and communicating with clients, or facing business downtime and losing touch with clients during a disaster.

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