There are many myths floating around when it comes to the security of a hosted desktop. Many business owners desire to switch to a hosted desktop because of its low cost and bundle of features, but hold themselves back because they think there would be security issues.

The irony is that security is a feature of hosted desktop, even though many consider it to be a hindrance. There are, of course, security problems that can occur when using a hosted desktop, but they are less likely to happen with the help the service provider.

The question business owners should be asking themselves is how the security of a hosted desktop compares to the security of a traditional desktop. Hosted desktop providers simply have better technology and better resources to protect information and secure data on the Internet. On the other hand, traditional desktops lack security and are an easy target for hackers.

A recent Register article discusses the security of hosted desktops and the cloud and explains that connecting to the service provider is relatively safe:

“When it comes to connecting your offices to your cloud installations, even the pickiest auditor will tell you that private circuits set up by reputable telcos are considered secure. If you choose to use internet connectivity instead of expensive private circuits, IPSec tunnels are perfectly acceptable in this respect so long as you choose your encryption and key length sensibly.”

The reality is that even an average hosted desktop or cloud provider has better security than a large corporation with many resources. It’s therefore wise to outsource this aspect of your business to a service provider who can handle security more efficiently and effectively.

At Infiniwiz, we offer a level of security that goes well beyond that of an average hosted desktop provider. Our security is comprised of several layers, including a Tier 3 data center, spam and virus protection, and corresponding bandwith to high levels of traffic. Our job is to provide your business with a hosted desktop that is more secure than a traditional desktop ever could be.

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