Choosing to co-locate your server at a data center brings with it a treasure trove of savings. It will save you money as well as grief, and while we’re at it, it will save your sleep.

Save Money?

When you operate an in-house server, you need a lot of physical storage space to house the hardware and web of cables. This means you’ll need to lease a facility and pay for a room that none of your staff ever goes into, except your IT staff. You’ll also be paying hefty electric bills to keep it running; running 24/7/365.

When you co-locate, you’ll not only save on your utility bills but since you won’t need all that space you canmove to a smaller facility where you’ll be paying less rent each month. As for that IT staff, if you choose to take advantage of the managed services option at the data center, you may be able to get by with one or two IT people, and allow them to concentrate on core business issues. A managed service option includes all maintenance, updates, and an IT staff to solve any infrastructure problems that may occur.

You’ll be billed monthly, with your fee depending on the amount of space you need – half-rack, full rack, or cage, and whether or not you choose managed service. Tally this against what you spend to serve and maintain your present in-house server and you’ll see the potential for a huge decrease in your operational expenditures.

Save Grief?

Think of all those times when your business depended on how fast you could get an RFQ or sales proposal downloaded or uploaded. Even the best maintained in-house servers can run into connectivity and bandwidth issues. With server co-location, your business will benefit from resilient connectivity and faster networking, with dedicated personnel monitoring traffic flow. Compare your internet connection and your current ISP plan to that of a data center with large bandwidth pipes delivering as much as 100MBps connected to multiple transit providers to insure redundancy and you’ll practically feel that feeling of helplessness and frustration that comes from staring at a frozen screen start to melt away.

Save Sleep?

Remember the last night before a major storm when you tossed and turned and pounded your pillow worrying about what would happen to your server and all the data it stored if the power went out. You might have been able to sleep better with the assurance that your server was safe and sound in a co-location center with, not only diverse power feeds and distribution centers for everyday needs, but dual-generator systems that can be constantly refueled, as well as onsite fuel reserves and diverse cooling systems with UPS support at all times. And oh yes, 24 hour/7 days a week staff to monitor battery and power levels in order to insure your up-time remains as close to 100 percent as possible.

For more information about the benefits and features that make server co-location an attractive alternative to traditional in-house server infrastructure, contact us today.