VoIP for the small business is gradually becoming mainstream in helping start-ups become more efficient in more ways than one. When dealing with customer calls, a VoIP system will help you on a supreme level that wasn’t even possible just a couple decades ago. But are there also unexpected benefits to using VoIP? How can it help in the marketing of a business?

In the above case, using VoIP can become a part of the branding process. While part of this can be done with the myriad phone features VoIP provides, it can mostly be done with outside aspects that ultimately get seen or experienced by customers down the road.

The Environmental Impact

With most people appreciative of companies that go green, promoting the idea you use a VoIP system in your company will impress those in tune with the environment. If you promote the use of your VoIP, remind customers how green a move it is by eliminating the use of standard phone lines. That because copper used in landlines has been a sore spot for environmentalists going back years.

With unlimited inbound faxes capable of being sent on VoIP systems, you also don’t have to worry about wasting paper. Having these green themes in your branding process will gain you many admiring customers.

Creating Customized Phone Numbers

One of the less talked about features of VoIP is the ability to create custom phone numbers for your business. This can be a good branding move on its own, especially since direct dial-in numbers can be assigned to different departments. However, creating a virtual 800 phone number that lets you place a word in the last four digits can help your business become readily identifiable when advertising.

The Ability to Brand Your Business While on the Go

One of the true outside advantages of VoIP is allowing the owner of a start-up to go out and about for a marketing campaign without missing important business calls. That’s because all business calls are routed through one IP network with universal connectivity. You can be out and about branding your business and still be able to take important business calls instantly.

Even better, all those business communications from possible associates located in US and Canada won’t rack your phone bill up. That’s because VoIP goes by a flat rate with no long distance charges as you’d have sticking with a standard phone line. International calling is also available at very competitive pricing.

If you want to get in on the potentials of impressing your customers with VoIP as part of the branding process, consider Infiniwiz as your leading source. We provide VoIP systems that are designed for specific industries like attorneys, accountants, real estate agents and small businesses.

Contact us and we’ll show you the myriad features VoIP also provides that help your brand stand out from those who have yet to commit to this telecommunications tool.