According to a recent article from Small Business Computing, businesses who are faced with the inability to hire full time in-house IT personnel can see many benefits of hosted desktop services. Here are just a few.

* Cost. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) can eliminate the immediate and huge investment that companies put into their IT infrastructure, as this is supplied, managed, and maintained by the hosted services provider.

* Scalability. When a company experiences rapid growth, it sometimes struggles to catch its technology needs up. With DaaS, business owners can add or remove hosted desktops as needed.

* BYOD. As more and more employees state that they’d rather have a single device for work and personal use, companies struggle with how to make those devices secure and to provide data through business apps. Hosted desktop services take the hassle out of BYOD, as there are no compatibility issues and no data is kept on an end-user device but rather is safely stored at a monitored data center facility.

* Storage. Do you have enough storage for all of your data? With Infiniwiz, you can buy what you need. Storage comes in 10GB increments, for $15 per block.

There are many more benefits to hosted desktop services not mentioned in the article. Some of the additional features you’ll receive with services from Infiniwiz include the installation of any application you use for your business, including standards such as Quickbooks as well as custom applications specific to your business; advanced spam and virus protection; nightly onsite backups as well as monthly offsite backups; and much more. For further information about how hosted desktop services can help your business, contact us.