3 Real Life Cases: The Impact of Software Development on Business Efficiency

Every business, regardless of type or size, needs software to survive in the modern marketplace. Running a business requires a lot of different areas to work together – from your supply chain to your administration to your customer management and everything in between. If you don’t have the right technology in place, you’re bound to end up lost in a mountain of data that’s impossible to manage. In many cases, off-the-shelf software doesn’t cut it. We often hear from companies wondering whether they should buy or build their software. It’s a common dilemma, so what situations would make software development necessary?

  • You need seamless integration with another enterprise system
  • You seem to be overwhelmed with manual tasks and paperwork
  • You track and analyze your data in confusing spreadsheets
  • You are growing and your current software isn’t a good fit anymore

Off-the-shelf software tends to limit scalability and flexibility for most companies who have complex requirements. Plus, if there’s a lot of companies in your industry using the same software, you lose your competitive edge. Before we look at 3 real life cases showcasing the impact of software development on business efficiency, let’s review what custom software development is.

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is the process of designing, deploying, and maintaining a custom software program that’s designed for your unique functions, users, and overall requirements. Microsoft’s Office, for instance, would be an off-the-shelf software that’s packaged for mass commercial use. Custom software, on the other hand, would be something like an online banking app designed for a bank and its customers.

Real Life Case #1: A Home Health Provider Gets an HR Portal Built to Eliminate Struggles with 1,500 Paper-Based Files

Abcor Home Health, a Medicaid- and Medicare-certified home health provider, has over 1,000 home healthcare provider employees to manage, which means they store an incredible amount of information, such as licenses, certificates, and more. They were struggling to keep up with and organize 1,500 paper-based files. This led them to look into custom software development wherein they were able to create an HR portal for application and employee management.

Now they’re able to manage the entire hiring process, including but not limited to pre-screening applicants, sharing news with employees, reporting to company leadership, receiving automated reminders about compliance documents, and more. This has created business efficiencies in terms of eliminating frustrating, time-consuming tasks from their staff’s workday, automating reporting to ensure greater compliance, and allowing them to expand to new locations.

Real Life Case #2: A Real Estate Firm Gets a Custom Portal Built to Automate Dozens of Documents for Closings

A real estate firm with 10 attorneys was struggling with the process of generating and completing dozens of different documents for closings. They needed to enter information into forms manually, then enter that information into their case management software to generate even MORE forms. Once this was done, they would start working on emailing all of the documents to their clients for signatures and look out for the returned forms, which would be manually entered into their CRM.

Naturally, the amount of time-consuming data entry taking place was massive considering they have 10 attorneys working on closings. Eventually, they looked into custom software development to resolve this problem – getting a custom portal that allows them to automate the entire workflow. They simply enter the client’s information and the system automates the sending of documents, requests for signatures, and more. This allowed them to save time, eliminate errors, and ultimately, get rid of 2 employees to save 100K a year!

Real Life Case #3: A Property Tax Solutions Firm Gets a Custom Portal Built to Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Applications

A property tax solution firm that’s focused on helping people save money on their real estate taxes was struggling with the majority of their client onboarding processes, which were manual and time-consuming. They decided to digitize their business for the purpose of ensuring a more productive, efficient workflow for clients and staff members alike. Prior to getting a custom portal built, they would have clients submit their information, review the documents, send out the applications, and so on until the process was complete. This took approximately 2-3 days per client.

They approached us to build a custom portal that optimized the flow of events – allowing customers to enter their address and/or PIN number, which would run through a sophisticated algorithm, and in turn, tell them if they can save on property taxes. If they can, the custom portal sends them the application to become a client. In addition, clients can check the status of their application and get updates in real-time. The entire process from start-to-finish takes a few minutes. Since they’ve implemented the custom portal, they’ve quadrupled the number of claims completed compared to last season.

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