The idea of a virtual desktop might sound foreign to you if you’ve used desktops strictly in your office since the days when they first became available to the public. But if you’ve stayed the same all these years, you’re probably starting to feel how limiting it is as you and your employees become more mobile in your work time.

Mobility is an essential part of business with employees and CEO’s more on the go while still finding ways of connecting with their work. Thanks to the cloud, that’s helped considerably with access to data anywhere someone can find an Internet connection. And this connects to virtual desktops, which places the entire contents of your desktop in the cloud.

If you’ve hesitated ever using this solution, consider some new statistics that are out about the level of mobility with virtual desktops. State Tech reported in January that 62% of state and local governments nationwide have now adopted virtual desktops for extra mobility. They’ve realized the potential of being mobile and accessing content off the office desktop while on the go.

Whether or not you’re a government agency, having immediate access to everything on your desktop allows a comprehensive way to do business out in the field. You may have a lot of field workers anyway who need mobile devices to do certain tasks. With a virtual desktop accessible on their smartphone or tablet, everything task has more consolidation so it doesn’t take more than one device to get something done.

Even more so, the provider of your virtual desktop manages everything. Updates to your software, operating system, and all else come from the provider without you having to do anything. It’s a form of IT management so you and your employees can focus on your work rather than worry about upgrading software and hardware.

Here at Infiniwiz, we provide all this for you, plus so many other digital telecommunication options.

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