Computer desktop bloat, like those extra pounds we all put on, creeps up with an almost insidious inevitability. Desktop applications, suites, gadgets and gizmos populate and slow down our hard drives and processors, and what was once agile and responsive has gradually become – you know, bloated.

You want to keep up with those enterprise applications that are your ticket to competing with the big guys, but you stick with what you have because it keeps you afloat and it is familiar, and it works – sort of. But you know that there has got to be a sleeker and simpler way to make your desktop your servant, rather than the slave driver that it is now.

The cloud to the rescue!

Cloud computing is taking over the business world. If you have an Internet email server, you’re already on the cloud, but there’s a lot more out there and its plentiful as well as robust. A hosted desktop is just what you need to clear up the clutter on your array of workstations and untether yourself from local storage restrictions and vulnerability to downtime and data loss.

The allure of the hosted desktop
  • A hosted desktop provides the same desktop experience at the same speed and flexibility of your locally installed and individually and expensively licensed software.
  • Hosted desktops offer totally flexible working access to your enterprise data anytime, anywhere – at your place of business or on the road. Homework for your home workers is as productive and accessible as it is in the office.
  • Security is key. Lost or stolen laptops and mobile devices can compromise proprietary and personal business data. Hosted desktops with their secure user profiles store all your data securely off site. Secure encryption offers full protection for your business data.
  • Backup and disaster recovery are bonus features of hosted desktops. Your hosting service has your back if the worst happens and you need to restore everything quickly.
The all-important money savings

Go to a hosted desktop and you’ll see immediate savings in equipment and software costs. Then there’s the IT support burden that shifts from being a distraction from your core business plan to where it belongs: a predictable and reliable budget item with a quantifiable return on your lower investment.

So it’s time to slim down so you can catch up. Contact us and see how our hosted desktop service beats our competitors by doing more for less and definitely “beats the bloat” on your current expensive and non-scalable in-house system.