Because of its convenience and low cost, businesses have been switching over to VoIP mainly for practical reasons. VoIP is attractive to new and growth companies because they view it as a cost-effective way to stay in touch with clients. However, VoIP is attractive to older companies because it can help change their business’ perception to customers. The switch to VoIP can impact the way a customer views a company, making the decision not only smart to accountants, but also to marketers. The tools provided by VoIP can change the way a business deals with a customer for the better, including keeping track of customer satisfaction and monitoring customer loyalty.

A recent article by Smart Business explains why VoIP is for all companies, and not just those who are trying to cut costs. In addition, the article explains that the change to VoIP is so noticeable to a customer, that the decision is actually also a marketing tactic:

[pullquote2 quotes=”true” align=”center” citelink=”” cite=””]Companies want to know how their phone system can adapt to changes in their customers’ desires to communicate. For example, VoIP offers custom reporting tools so management can track how customers react to different messages. If needed, the system that drives communication can be adjusted in order to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.[/pullquote2]

Because customer support automation was received so negatively, businesses have been trying to switch their customer service so customers talk on the phone with a live person. VoIP can help businesses minimize wait time and improve their customer service by matching customers with real representatives. This improvement in customer service provides a better perception of businesses to customers, and suggests that VoIP is not only a cost-effective tool, but also a way to improve a brand’s marketability.

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