Instead of reorganizing your server room to improve cable management or fit in a few extra machines, why not look into the virtualization of hardware? There’s a plethora of advantages to virtualizing your servers, especially when it comes to saving on space, power, and money. In this post, we’ll consider three of the most important reasons why you should look into a server consolidation strategy.

1. Fewer servers, less clutter

Every machine in your server cluster not only takes up space, but is hard-wired to several other devices, requiring constant maintenance and careful management in layout. Virtual servers, on the other hand are consolidated to fewer machines, giving you a much cleaner server room with much less to manage.

2. Easy management

Consolidating your servers to one machine means that you have one simple gateway to all of them. Not only that, but you’ll spend less time worrying about physical issues like improperly seated components or damaged cables.

3. Energy savings

It’s no secret that your typical server cluster can generate tons of heat and drain huge amounts of power, especially if you have several racks in close proximity to one another and cooling your server room down to keep everything working smoothly only helps to feed into the already large energy costs of having so many machines.

The savings on space, time, and money are huge reasons to look into virtualizing your server environment, but they’re not the only things you have to gain. Do you have any other questions or comments about consolidating your machines? Please, contact us.