Whether you are looking for more privacy or you are scaling a business, there are many advantages to server co-location. Here are three of the top reasons that you might consider moving an in-house server into a professional outside data center.


You immediately gain the advantage of physical security by moving your in-house server to a co-located, professional environment. However, you also gain security for your data stream as well. Physically remote servers are much harder for malicious hackers to crack than an in-house server. You also avoid the temptation for employees to use their knowledge to hack your intellectual property.


At a professional co-location business, the climate is kept specifically for servers. There are no humans that the building considers in the landscape, so the thermostat does not move arbitrarily based on the comfort or discomfort of a single person in the building. At a professional co-location business, the servers are the only clients. A good climate increases the life of your server and your data stream security.


Your server is immediately serviced at a co-location building. You will never have to wait on the outside doors of your office to open if you do not own the building that houses your business. Technicians will always have access to the server so that problems get fixed in real-time.

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