Microsoft Exchange is a hugely popular product, with millions of users worldwide. It is no surprise then that there are endless MS Exchange tips and tutorials floating around the internet. Not all the resources are trustworthy however, as some websites provide inaccurate and outdated information. So, how do you know which site to use?  Which are produced by experts and which simply exist to drive advertising revenue?

Fear not, we have done our research and found 5 best resources for all things MS Exchange. Check out the list below and share it to help other users in need. is run by TechGenix Ltd, an Internet media company that specializes in offering high quality technical content to IT professionals. The content on the website also targets business professionals who desire to stay on top of the latest changes and best practices in the IT industry. provides a wide range of content, which is delivered by highly educated key decision makers and certified IT administrators with many years of experience in their field of expertise. The website offers comprehensive and thorough content on many versions of Microsoft Exchange including 2007 and 2010.  The content includes video tutorials, articles, expert advice on best practices, white papers, and message boards for networking, blogs, and the latest Exchange news.  There is also a section on product reviews and a variety of knowledge base tips topics.

According to, the site is visited by an average of over 30,000 users per month.

This website provides Exchange users and IT professionals with expert advice and tutorials on all versions of Microsoft Exchange.  You can also find targeted news, webcasts, tips, and content that covers just about every aspect of Exchange. is a subsection of TechTarget, a group of over 70 websites that provide information on Windows products and tech topics. Over 850,000 users come to TechTarget every month to get their IT information fix. The cool thing about SearchExchange is that the content usually comes from experts at major IT companies such as Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, and Symantec, to name a few.

Since Search Exchange is so large you can begin browsing the topics and tutorials by visiting their tutorials section here.

Brickhouse Labs

Brickhouse Labs doesn’t really have much of a website, but they do have a solid YouTube channel that provides a library of over 80 how-to videos on Microsoft Exchange. All the videos show the user’s screen and do thorough walk-throughs of the key settings of the software.

Some of the topics which are included on the Brickhouse Labs YouTube channel include using Exchange 2010 Mail Contact, how to enable security groups in Exchange Mail, how to create an Exchange mailbox for an existing Active Directory user, how to use the ActiveSync Mailbox Policy for mobile phones, how to create new Exchange Certificates, and how to create an Edge Subscription using Edge Sync, to name a few.

With over 730,000 video views, this is a robust channel, but they haven’t added to it in several months, so we will keep our eye on it. Regardless, they do a good job on the videos they have posted, so check out their channel here.

Quest Software Inc.

This is another YouTube channel that offers more than 30 videos on Microsoft Exchange 2007.  The channel is owned by Quest Software Inc., an award winning IT management company out of California.

Their channel has received around 2 million views to date, and for good reason: they cover a wide range of topics and clearly know what they are talking about. Videos include advice on how to set permissions with MessageStats, how to install the Outlook web access report pack, how to backup and restore MessageStats, how to use Migration Manager for Exchange, and a variety of tutorials on the management of the Exchange Server.

Microsoft Support

Last but certainly not least… If you want to access troubleshooting tutorials related to all versions of Microsoft Exchange, you can access targeted topics on the Microsoft Support website and by searching with the terms for the specific problem you are trying to solve.

The Microsoft Support website will provide you with step by step tutorials related to using all versions of Exchange including 2003, 2007, and 2010.  Since the support section is quite extensive you may have to spend some time sifting through results and refining them, but you will find it all here.

We hope you will find these resources helpful, after all MS Exchange is quite awesome, so learning how to use it certainly won’t hurt.