More and more businesses are switching to VoIP phone solution. VoIP saves companies tons of money with one flat fee per month for many features. There are many reasons why VoIP is the better solution for businesses, but there are only three main benefits that make VoIP what it is. Here are the top three Voip Benefits.

Long Distance Calls

The ability to call anyone in the U.S. with VoIP is a blessing in disguise. Talking to someone on the phone in another area code or state for long hours adds up, and everyone is looking for ways to save money. VoIP is the answer. You pay one flat rate per month for phone calls and other features. This rate is cheaper than traditional landlines and cell phones services that add roaming charges to their bill. Phone bills can also fluctuate in the amount each month. You can talk forever without counting minutes or worrying about how expensive the phone bill is because all long distance calls are unlimited.

Adjustable Phone Numbers

Use VoIP’s feature of local or toll-free numbers to call anywhere in the world at the lowest prices. Give out your toll-free number to other businesses and employees so they can save money when calling you. Your company can use local area codes so they save money when calling. The VoIP system makes calling an easy process between parties. The VoIP provider can assign more than one phone number in the same bundle. The inexpensive price of these numbers is a small price to pay for the money you’ll save later on. You can even keep your old phone number and transfer it to your VoIP service.
It’s also a great marketing tool to find out about ad response. Just place the numbers in an ad to promote a product or service in your area. Set the system to keep track of phone calls that are placed using the number placed in the ad. Check your VoIP call log at the end of the month. Filter the log to find that phone number in the ad. Filter it some more to see how many of those calls from that number were about the ad in the newspaper.


The VoIP system made it possible to unite a company without having every employee at the office. With features like interactive virtual receptionist, transfer calls, route calls and conference calls your employees can work at their home office or in another location on many electronic devices. Companies can hire more people to work at home Incoming callers will never tell the difference because the business automation service makes everyone feel connected. Working at home and working on the go has never been easier.

Never worry about money or minutes again because making a phone call is so much easier with these money-saving options. Contact us for more information on VoIP.