To say that web self-promotion has changed the arts is a gross understatement. The web has completely turned the music industry on its head, in both medium and marketing. It doesn’t stop there. Web promotion opportunities in the visual arts are equally exciting. Here are four web-based tools for artists and musicians to use for self-promotion.

OurStage is the latest and greatest online social community for undiscovered musicians and their fans, or fans to-be. Artists come to OurStage in hopes of being discovered, and fans come to discover and find new music.

The musicians gain fanbase-building exposure and will find opportunities in music licensing and composition competitions. There’s even a revenue sharing program that costs a miniscule 2 bucks a month, essentially creating a kitty that goes to the artist(s) whom fans listened to most. For music lovers, there is no end to the music available. Almost 40 genre specific stations cover all the nooks and crannies of taste.

Deviant Art
deviantART has accomplished something pretty special. They’ve amassed over 245 million original works of art for display and sale from the artists themselves. Somehow, the site has still stayed largely off the radar of the mass media. Whether or not this ‘indie cred’ matters to you is irrelevant, it does however speak to the level of artistic dedication within the community.

For visual artists, deviantART is simply a great resource to share your work and potentially make a lot of money. This is a huge community of artists and art lovers, where all types of work can be viewed and purchased in the form of high-quality prints. One warning: if you do set up an artist profile, take an extra minute and read the terms of service carefully.

Promo Pages from Folio Link
Billing themselves as ‘web sites for the creative’, Folio Link helps you build elegant Flash and HTML portfolio websites with a few quick clicks. The designs focus on visual usability (perfect for artists and photographers looking to show off their work) and feature e-commerce possibilities.

The new offering from Folio Link, ‘Promote Me Pages’, are ideal to advertise events, new lines of work, publications, gallery openings, special sales, upcoming workshops, behind the scenes videos, work samples, news and much more. The service allows clients to create standalone micro-site presentations in just a few clicks. Promote Me Pages can be embedded in external HTML sites like blogs and can include various widgets like add-to-calendar links and links to external sites, follow me pages and more. Even the URLs for Promote Me Pages are self-managed:

While not artist specific, Woobox is definitely marketing specific. Entice future fans to engage with you in social media by offering them something. Create tickets, sweepstakes or audio/visual giveways to ‘woo’ your fans. The promotions tie directly to your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages.

Here’s how it goes: 1) User lands on your Facebook page; 2) User is shown a message along the lines of : “Welcome!!! Click this easy little LIKE button and get something for free!”; 3) User obviously clicks the button; 4) User is shown another, more exclusive page containing exclusive items (again, coupons, polls, music, prints, et al).

Woobox let’s you make those two exclusive promotional pages in minutes, and then handles the full technical process to deliver the relevant page to like and non-liking visitors.

Reaching your dream of being a professional musician or artist takes a lot of work. But, with enough gumption and a little savvy, the future is in your hands.