The Windows PC, for many years, has been without competition, the main vehicle for delivery of the company desktop. However, recently, various factors have taken place to welcome promising alternatives. These factors include the throughput and capacity of networked storage, the increasing performance of servers, virtualization technology and the increased speed of networks. Virtual desktop infrastructure is what this new approach is called. All the benefits and features of responsive and sophisticated IT are delivered in hosted virtual desktops, but much more affordable than that of the traditional infrastructure, providing your workplace with remote application access and support that is seamless. Companies require and depend on Internet services, desktop applications and shared IT resources that are around-the-clock.

Hosted virtual desktops help to:

• Ensure the protection of sensitive data by increasing desktop infrastructure security.
• Reduce costs of operating the desktop real estate.
• Provide more coordination in delivering people with the IT services they need.
• Enable workers to operate their own devices.

There are many benefits to the hosted virtual desktop, with the primary ones being increased data security, decreased maintenance issues, monthly costs that are predictable and the ability to use any device to access your own desktop. You essentially use one of various different remote access protocols to access your virtual desktop and simply log on like you normally would a Windows session. Also, you can access most PC set-ups from tablets, Macs or smartphones effectively as well. Regardless of where you are logging on from, you have instant access to your familiar desktop. You do need a reliable internet connection; however, being fast is not a requirement, since you are, for the most part, transmitting only keystrokes and mouse movements without actual data crossing the wire. The computer processing is taken care of at the server, with instant results on your screen, which makes it seem as if you were using a local computer. Overall, security, reliability and a higher level of service is what you get with hosted virtual desktops.

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