A hosted desktop service allows you to access your desktop computer no matter where you are. It’s useful for those who might need to access their business files when they are away from home base.

Full Time Monitoring

Half the point of a hosted desktop service is that you can access it whenever you want and wherever you are. If there’s some security problem that makes it so that you can’t do this then the service isn’t doing what you need it to do.
There should be 24 hour monitoring of the system, as well as software that fights spam and viruses. The system should be ever vigilant.

Back Ups

If you’re trusting an organization with your data, it’s also important that the data is backed up regularly as well. Ideally this should happen every night.

No Surprises with Costs

Another important thing to look for in a quality hosted desktop service is complete transparency in terms of hosted desktop prices. You don’t want companies to suddenly spring the need for buying new equipment on you, for example.
You also want to have everything in terms of IT support to be included and told to you up front. You don’t want to have to hire some IT tech from the outside to fix something that should be handled by the company that you’re paying to handle it.

Strong Support

It’s also important to look over what support plan the service offers. You should be able to contact them through email, through the phone and through a support ticket if you need to do so. It’s a good idea to go with companies that are straight forward about the support they offer instead of not even mentioning it at all.

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