Changing technology presents a constantly changing challenge for many small and mid-sized businesses. They lack the capital to invest heavily in repeated tech upgrades or a dedicated IT staff to maintain the systems already in use at optimal levels. Once the province of large corporations with a decentralized service structure, increasingly small business entrepreneurs are turning to hosted virtual desktops to help them bridge the technology gap and go head to head with their largest competitors.

Hosted virtual desktops allow you to run the software you need on up-to-date equipment remotely through any internet-connected computer. You contract with a provider for access to their upgraded, maintained, and secured systems. Your software, which can include common business systems and custom software solutions, is run entirely on their computer servers. You have no need to upgrade, so long as your computer, tablet, or mobile device can access the internet, you can log into that system and control it just as if you were sitting at their keyboard yourself.

This flexibility allows you to save operating expense in a few different ways. There is no need for you to fund your own IT staff, the contracted provider will perform their own maintenance. Minimal capital investment is required for the technology itself. It can be accessed on cost efficient and mobile tablets or the old desktops that you were considering replacing. Lastly, hosted virtual desktops are scalable to business needs. You have the ability to expand or contract your company’s logins based on needs of business and staffing levels.

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