Instantaneous access is something that used to be only for the business giants; however, with technological advances small businesses can now easily take advantage of a Virtual Desktop. Using a virtual desktop can actually help you lower your operating costs and improve the ability you have to interact with your clients. For example, with a virtual desktop you can create a folder on your work computer for a specific client and it will be available at any computer with an internet connection or even on your smart phone, for instant access. This means that if you need to look up important details on that client while you are traveling, or after office hours you can from just about anywhere in the world.

Regardless of the size of your business having a virtual desktop can make getting the files you need when you need them faster and easier. Flexible rates allow you to have as many or as few users as your business requires, and pay accordingly. Using a virtual desktop can also help you prevent the dreaded system crash, and file loss. Because data is backed up on a regular basis, it gives you a way to ensure that your files and important information is safe. Another level of security that virtual desktops offer is the fact that the data is stored on a server rather than a laptop your employees are carrying around. This means your clients information cannot be accessed in the event of a theft or loss of an employee’s laptop.

Using a virtual desktop can be key to providing you with fast and portable access to the files and applications you need on a daily basis. With rates that match only what you need there is something to suit every small business. To get your business on the fast track contact us today.