When he started his own computer services company Ross Perot said that the business of bankers was banking, the business of insurance companies was selling insurance, and that he proposed to provide them with data services so that bankers could get on with banking and insurance companies could get on with the business of providing insurance, while he provided for their information needs. The concept Perot was describing still applies today, in fact more than ever. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides the same familiar desktop environment regardless of the device you access it with, and access to all of your files and information, while behind the scenes, VDI is the magic that makes it happen.

This was the promise and the dream of the internet all along: data access from anywhere at any time, but before we were ready for VDI, a variety of operating systems and software companies came into being with their own hardware, operating systems, and dedicated and loyal user bases. Additionally, any time and any place also means mobile, so there’s another hardware and software environment to consider. So now that it’s possible to have access to all of your information anywhere at any time, there is also a lot of technical expertise involved in making a wide variety of sometimes vastly different components all access the same information in more or less the same way.

Indicators are that virtualization will continue to develop and expand. One survey cited by Converged Infrastructure suggests that virtualization is growing at over 50% per year. The sheer numbers will be complicated by the growing number of different devices and operating systems versions in use. As certain as the growing demand for virtualization is the need for expertise in implementing it.

Harkening back to Ross Perot, whether you sell insurance or banking (or are an attorney, accountant, or doctor) your business means that you need virtualization to be competitive and efficient, not that you know how to it set up. That’s where you need the services of a company every bit as professional in their field as you are in yours. For more information on how virtualization can become reality for your business, please contact us.