IRS Publication 1075 offers guidance for those accessing systems containing federal tax information to ensure they’re using the right policies, practice, and controls to maintain confidentiality. Publication 1075 states that accessing systems containing federal tax information outside of the firm’s network requires the use of a virtual private network (VPN) – allowing accountants to maintain security, even when they’re out of the office.

Essentially, a VPN provides a secure, encrypted tunnel for the transmission of federal tax information between the user and the network. This may include names, addresses, and identification numbers of taxpayers, as well as:

  • Information regarding whether or not a return was filed or will be examined for investigation or processing
  • Information extracted from a return, including names of dependents or locations of businesses
  • Information, besides the return itself, that may relate to liability for any tax, penalty, interest or other imposition or offense.

Ultimately, any information collected regarding a person’s tax affairs would fall under federal tax information and must stay protected against unauthorized access. In today’s day and age where most accountants work from home or on the go from time-to-time, a VPN is important to keep sensitive information safe against all types of malicious activity on the internet.

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Our VPNs give you a higher level of security to ensure sensitive information is safe with the following:

  • Built-in 256-bit encryption
  • Works for multiple machines, including mobile devices
  • Quick and easy installation

Without a VPN, data sent over the internet doesn’t have very much protection against hackers. They’re able to use various tools to see the data that’s in transit, especially if you’re using non-HTTPS compliant websites. A VPN keeps your sensitive information from being exposed, no matter where you’re connecting from.

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