Perhaps you’ve heard of virtualization of hardware. But do you know what it means and the advantages of it? Here is some information to help you understand.

* Hardware virtualization enables you to use fewer physical servers. Instead, a larger virtual server is created within a software encapsulation called a “virtual machine” or a “hypervisor” that enables multiple operating system technologies to be operated on a single hardware platform.

* By consolidating servers, users have the ability to increase the productivity of the servers used while reducing the amount of hardware needed.

* Hardware virtualization results in reduced IT costs, as capital and operating costs are lower due to fewer servers being used. These savings are furthered by a reduction in the time needed for maintenance.

* Because these virtual machines can be moved from one server to another, the ability to survive an IT disaster is increased. Hardware virtualization is, therefore, a great addition to your business continuity plans.

* You can realize greater application availability through hardware virtualization, as a node or server failure causes the virtual machine to be restarted or continued on another machine without downtime.

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