The call for the big contract comes in while the salesperson is on another line. A potential customer can’t get through to get his questions answered and moves on to your competitor. Losing important calls can cost your company business. Voice over IP features that aren’t available with traditional land lines can help you keep from losing these calls.

Traditional landline phone service is limited in numbers of lines; call routing often requires the customer to be put on hold, sometimes for extensive periods. Or even worse, if you have more callers than you have phone lines, caller will get a busy dial tone. Voice Over IP (VoIP) calling systems help you stop this from happening. Unlike old-fashioned phone lines, these features offer mobility and ease of call transfer. For example:

Find Me/Follow Me – want to be found immediately? Use this to get important calls no matter where you are: up to five different locations can be programmed into the system and your calls will follow you as you move.

Call Queues – never lose a call to your sales and support teams again. By setting up a call queue, your VoIP phone system rings extensions either simultaneously or sequentially so that available personnel can help your customer immediately. No matter how busy your staff is, there will never be a busy dial tone.

Schedule – a customer calls your Raleigh office outside of business hours? No problem. With Time-of-Day routing, your customer can be automatically directed to your call center in the time zone that is still open.

VoIP easily provides these features and more, making you less dependent on a huge staff and making the staff you have more efficient at handling customer calls and questions. You’ll never miss an important call again, and your business will keep valuable customers happy and coming back to you.

To find out how the mobility of VoIP can help your business, contact us today. We’ll be happy to walk you through available features and demonstrate the benefits to your company.