VoIP Business Phones: The Communication Tool Every Remote Workforce Needs

Remote work can be incredibly beneficial – allowing organizations to see greater productivity, retention of staff, and of course, decreased operational costs. But naturally, communication becomes more difficult when employees work from home as opposed to working in the office. It’s no longer possible to drop by another person’s desk and ask a few quick questions.

Instead, employees need to get in touch with one another via email, instant messaging, phone, or video calling.

Fortunately, there’s one communication tool that offers the flexibility to make and receive calls – all from the comfort of home. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) business phones allow you to make and receive calls over the internet as they’re hosted in the cloud. This means employees simply need an internet connection to:

  • Access their work line and all extensions from home.
  • Receive voicemails via email when calls are missed.
  • Transfer and/or forward calls to co-workers.
  • And much, much more.

Essentially, the VoIP business phone can be configured to work on each employee’s mobile device via the softphone app, which means everything that can be done using your work line can be done on the go.

How Do VoIP Business Phones Cut Costs?

Instead of using a traditional phone system that comes with a high monthly bill, VoIP business phones work over the internet – meaning you pay one low monthly rate to make and receive as many calls as necessary – no more worrying about running up a high bill with long-distance calls.

Plus, there’s no need for costly hardware purchases, maintenance, upgrading, or troubleshooting. It’s all included in your low monthly rate.

Your team has the ability to respond quickly to one another, partners, and customers – transferring or forwarding calls as needed while the system is set up to ring simultaneously on a physical desk phone and their mobile device at the same time. This means no more lost business opportunities or upset customers due to a lack of response while employees are out of the office.

What Are The Benefits Of VoIP Business Phones For Remote Workers?

Although VoIP business phones are incredibly beneficial for those in the office, they’re even more beneficial for remote workers. Why? Because they’re flexible enough to maintain seamless communication, regardless of device or location. The benefits are clear:

  • Fast installation and configuration with minimal or no onsite equipment necessary and simple-to-follow instructions for remote workers.
  • Simplified ability to scale up or down without needing to install any hardware. Instead, you can add or remove users via the interface.
  • Fewer costs for communication as phone bills are typically reduced by up to 50% due to making and receiving calls over the internet.
  • Greater flexibility via the softphone application that allows employees to make and receive calls via their desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Access to enterprise-grade features that wouldn’t otherwise be readily available with traditional phone systems, such as:
    • Do not disturb
    • Call hold
    • Call monitoring
    • Call recording
    • Voicemail-to-email
    • Click-to-dial
    • Find-me-follow-me
    • Music on hold
    • Live call barge-in
    • Ability to whisper into a call
    • Self-service portal with holiday schedules and better call statistics
    • Ability to send/receive texts via business phone
    • And much more

How Do VoIP Business Phones Simplify The Management Of A Remote Workforce?

One of the greatest benefits of VoIP business phones is the fact that they make it incredibly easy to manage remote workers. You can keep an eye on your team and their workload as VoIP business phones allow for:

  • The ability to track incoming and outgoing calls
  • The ability to record incoming and outgoing calls
  • The ability to stay in communication with your team
  • The ability to see availability status (on-call, available, away)

As employees work from home, quality assurance is increased due to the ability to monitor what employees are doing. You’re able to benefit from ensuring your employees stay in communication with you and one another. Ultimately, they stay responsive and available as if they were still in the office.

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