VoIP migration can perhaps seem overwhelming if your business has been using analog phone systems for many years. It doesn’t have to be that way if you’ve prepared for the transition of taking your phone system online. Much of this has to do with analyzing what you really need as well as educating everyone in your staff on what VoIP even means.

Learn the Basics of VoIP

Before a business migrates to VoIP services, it’s a good idea if you hold a meeting that educates everyone on what it stands for (Voice over Internet Protocol) and how it’ll work in the company. This might be made easier creating documents that can be passed out to each employee as a basic guide to what they can expect. Once everyone understands how it works, the transition will go much smoother rather than a day of confusion.

The Quality of Your Internet Bandwidth

In order for VoIP to work well, you need strong Internet bandwidth in your company. That can easily be fixed if you feel that your Internet service isn’t providing the quality of speeds you need. Particularly on uploading speeds to receive calls, sometimes switching to another provider might be necessary to avoid problems with your VoIP service. At Infiniwiz, we’ll check the quality of your bandwidth before we install our VoIP system.

Migrating Just Part of Your Company to VoIP

Not every company will want to do this, though it’s a good test to make sure a VoIP migration goes smoothly. By setting up a VoIP system in just part of the company, a slower transition can be done to make sure everything works before committing to the plan. If there’s any problems during the testing phase, the old phone systems will still be there temporarily as a back up until full VoIP commitment is in place.

Consider Letting More Employees Work From Home

With VoIP allowing easy inter-connectivity from any location, those who want to work from home should perhaps be allowed to. This can make for a very easy migration to a VoIP system, plus making it more convenient for employees who have challenges commuting daily to an office. It’s also a good environmental move to cut carbon emissions from the use of car traffic.

Customize Your VoIP Plan Based on Calling Patterns

Before full commitment to a VoIP system, analyze your calling patterns in your company to get a full assessment of how much money you’d save and which features you require. Knowing this ahead of time will help you add only the features that you truly need. At Infiniwiz, our VoIP system provides myriad features for both inbound and outbound calling.

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