In recent news, Winnipeg’s Executive Policy Committee has switched the government’s standard landline phone service to VoIP service. In a game-changing move, the Winnipeg government will now be saving its taxpayers a record, $1.5 million per year after this one switch.

MTS, the company that was providing landline phone service to the government was not happy at all about the switch, because the company will lose 4000 landlines worth of business because of the deal. However, the government did not consider MTS in its decision. The company that won the bid for the contract offers low VoIP prices and cloud based solutions for both voice and data.

Other governments are starting to consider these changes as well. In fact, Michigan’s government made the switch in 2012 and will, therefore, be saving its taxpayers $240,000 each year because of it. Repeatedly you will find that VoIP offers businesses, both large and small, an affordable solution for communications needs.

Taxpayers the world over should take note when one change saves a government this much money. Any government on a state or local level should have a very good reason they choose not to make a change that would save so much money in needless spending.

In addition, city governments are nothing more than somewhat complex business models, so that is why businesses also save so much money with VoIP phone service.

You also get way more freedom with VoIP phone service:

• It allows you to make changes to your phone system through a convenient online gateway
• There’s usually no need to wait for a technician to come out and fix things
• You can integrate multiple offices into one phone system, (including workers at home), and
• You can feel free to make changes when you like, adding new lines or taking them away when you need to