It seems far too many potentially powerful security solutions have cuts in company budgets lately, at least based on new statistics. We constantly see high percentage numbers for businesses being brought down by a lack of decent digital security. This might seem surprising considering how many companies keep adding more digital technology (especially mobile devices). However, the more technology that gets added, it seems security measures become further overlooked.

Out of all statistics proving the above, we ran across some recent statistics that showed how much complacency there is. TechRepublic recently published a security vulnerability report from Secunia for 2015. In Secunia’s general assessment, they found there were far more security vulnerabilities last year than there were the year before.

To be more specific, there were 18% more of these vulnerabilities last year than in 2013. Over a five-year period, this increased 55%.

While this isn’t necessarily shocking, they cite the increasing use of more applications in the workplace as a result of the numbers. Mobile technology and BYOD policies in many companies now leave all digital devices wide open to more security threats.

With all of this in mind, perhaps you think the words “vulnerability analysis” make you look weak. In truth, every company is vulnerable, and having a proper analysis should make you feel ahead of the herd.

Setting Up a Vulnerability Analysis

Here at Infiniwiz, we deal in not only providing innovative digital technology for your workplace, we also deal in wide-ranging security solutions. Vulnerability analysis is one of those where we do a thorough audit of your company to see just how susceptible you are to online threats.

Many companies don’t realize how vulnerable they are until having those audits. With our thorough inspections, we’ll find things that you never would have thought of analyzing before. At the same time, we’ll find solutions to every issue for prevention. This includes data encryption, antivirus solutions, and firewalls as just starters. We also provide hosted solutions, including reliable backups of all your data.

Monitoring goes on around the clock so the word “vulnerable” isn’t spoken around your company ever again.

Contact us here at Infiniwiz and we’ll schedule a vulnerability analysis for your company. Consider us for all your security and technology solutions this year as security vulnerability percentages likely continue to increase.