“We’re all working together; that’s the secret.”

    Sam Walton

Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized business owners are unaware that managed IT services providers can not only manage their technology, they can also help businesses grow and make more money by improving productivity, improving employee and customer experiences and helping business owners and managers save money on a wide variety of unnecessary expenses.

Faster computers allow workers to do their best work.

Success in any business model depends heavily on productivity. In the modern business world, you can‘t have productivity without having efficient technology.

Pivotdesk discussed the many ways that technology problems can affect businesses.
You must be able to expand your business quickly and affordably. Technology plays a big role in this. In every new season, you will need new software and hardware that can handle larger data sets with ease.

In addition, slow-loading computers, overloaded or overheated machines, hacked or down networks, server issues and the process of troubleshooting and repair all put a damper on productivity.

The Bottom Line

Better technology makes businesses money.

According to SBA.Gov, technology helps businesses grow. Technology:

    • Allows for out-of-office work and greater flexibility,
    • Makes it easy for customers to do business with you via mobile devices, and
    • Helps businesses better manage projects and save money

Many small and medium-sized business owners think that hiring a managed IT services team is unnecessary when they can just hire someone to fix issues as they come up. However, a managed services provider will:

    1. Prevent issues from arising, and
    2. Save you money in IT staff salaries, repairs, software and hardware upgrades, unnecessary software and hardware buys, and so much more.

In some cases, managed services teams play a big part in saving businesses that might otherwise fail in the long run. It’s very hard for business owners to come back from IT issues or even to properly manage their business from an operational and financial standpoint when IT issues are a problem, especially when funding is limited.

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