West Chicago Business Relies on Infiniwiz as Their Outsourced IT Department

Our team was recently contacted by a team of West Chicago business professionals that were looking for fully-managed IT service and support. Thanks to our experience supporting businesses across Chicago with reliable IT support, we knew right away that we were the ideal team for the job.

When a West Chicago Business Wanted to Outsource their IT Department, Infiniwiz Was Ready to Help

A few weeks ago, a thriving business in West Chicago reached out to our team of IT professionals. Business had been bustling and they were finding it difficult to keep up with the management and maintenance of their IT infrastructure while still focusing on driving productivity and business growth. They had made the decision to fully-outsource their IT department to a team of reliable and experienced Chicago IT professionals.

The first thought that came to mind for us was that this sounded like an ideal client to work with. They clearly recognized the business value of a reliable and fully-operational IT infrastructure and they also had come to realize that outsourcing IT management and maintenance to a team of professionals could be a game-changer for their business. We have to say, we were immediately impressed by their proactive and strategic thinking.

We were also very happy they came to us. Infiniwiz has nearly twenty years of experience providing fully-managed IT service and support for Chicago businesses. Over the years we have helped countless businesses – of all sizes and in all industries – better position themselves for productivity and growth by implementing and managing strategic IT solutions. We knew we could be the reliable and forward-thinking outsourced IT department that this West Chicago business was looking for.

This got us thinking. Why not put together a quick case study of what this company was looking for and how Infiniwiz rose to the occasion to meet and exceed their expectations. Our hope is that Chicago businesses in all industries will read this and understand that making the decision to outsource IT service and support is smart business sense. So, let’s get to it – what was this company looking for and what kind of services did we provide to help them?

What Did This West Chicago Business Want Their Outsourced IT Department to Look Like?

When this West Chicago business reached out to us, they explained that trying to manage their IT infrastructure internally was taking a toll on their productivity. They didn’t have any “tech experts” in-house and they had long been trying to manage, monitor, and maintain their systems on the fly. It had worked for some time, but they had come to realize that they didn’t want to settle for the bare minimum when it came to IT service and support anymore.

They had realized that many facets of their daily operations could be streamlined and optimized if they had the support of experienced IT professionals. They also realized that by outsourcing they could avoid the tediousness and wasted time they often experienced while trying to manage and solve IT issues themselves. They knew exactly what they were looking for and explained how they hoped an outsourced IT department would help their business.

Here’s the kind of fully-outsourced IT service and support they were looking for:

  • Fully-managed support and maintenance of their IT infrastructure
  • Reliable and round-the-clock helpdesk support
  • Full-scope IT security support and strategy
  • Consultation on modernizing and optimizing their IT infrastructure

Above all, they painted a clear picture of what an outsourced IT department would mean for them. It would mean their systems were always operational, secure, and streamlined to support maximum productivity and profitability. We knew right away that we could meet every one of their expectations and function as their fully-customized outsourced IT department.

How Infiniwiz Came to Serve as the Outsourced IT Department for this West Chicago Business

We were immediately excited to get to work developing a customized and fully-managed IT service and support plan for this West Chicago business. We knew that by positioning ourselves strategically as their outsourced IT department that we could help them take their business to new heights.

When it comes to serving as an outsourced IT department, there really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Whenever we’re working with a business to provide outsourced IT support we work to develop a customized service and support plan that is designed to meet their unique organizational needs. Above all our goal is always to function as an extension of their offices by taking care of everything IT behind the scenes.

Here’s everything we provide for this business as their outsourced IT department:

Full-Scope Systems Monitoring, Management & Maintenance 

Above and beyond everything else, we ensure that the IT systems and infrastructure for this West Chicago business are fully monitored, managed, and maintained at all times. Providing this fully-managed service first involved a detailed review of their systems and operations to make sure we knew how to keep things positioned correctly.

Once we had the ‘lay of the land’ we got to work to create a reliable and dynamic plan for keeping their systems running smoothly and making sure any issues would be taken care of immediately and without causing disruption. We explained that their team could always rely on us to keep their systems fully-functional and operating at optimal capacity.

On-Going Technical Support & Consultation 

Next, we put together a plan that outlined exactly how we would remain available to their team for ongoing support and consultation. We committed ourselves to provide strategic consultation and reliable technical support whenever they needed it.

By providing reliable technical support, their team could rest assured that technical difficulties would be taken care of swiftly and behind the scenes, meaning they would never have to deal with downtime. We also made sure they knew that they could always come to us with questions and that they could treat us like our office was right down the hall from theirs.

High-Level IT Security Support 

We also implemented a multifaceted and layered IT security infrastructure to make sure their systems and business data remain consistently secure. This involved a detailed risk assessment, the implementation of mitigation strategies, and full-coverage IT security solutions to protect their business network from end-to-end.

We also worked to help inform and educate their team about IT security best practices and encouraged their team members to come to us directly with questions or concerns. We also created detailed IT security policies as well as disaster recovery and business continuity plans to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Modernization & Optimization 

Once we came on board as this company’s outsourced IT department, we also worked efficiently to modernize and optimize their systems. Above all, we wanted to make sure they were properly positioned for productive operations in a constantly-evolving business scene.

We positioned their IT infrastructure to be more agile, more accessible, and more streamlined than it was before. We made it possible for this professional team to keep business moving in an unpredictable and virtual work environment. We also made sure every part of their system was up-to-date and positioned to run optimally.

Long-Term Strategic Planning 

Finally, we made sure this business knew that as their outsourced IT department, we would be responsible for developing forward-thinking strategic IT plans to help keep their systems current and reliable.

Things change fast in today’s business environment and if we learned anything from the past year, it’s that business teams need to be ready to adapt to whatever might come their way. That’s why we’re committed to ongoing strategic IT planning for this client – to ensure they can always count on their IT systems to support their changing business needs and goals.

Looking for an Outsourced IT Department in Chicago? Infiniwiz is Up for the Job!

Since partnering with this West Chicago business, their team has expressed how much smoother their day-to-day operations are running. No more technical difficulties. No more brainstorming ways to be more productive. With an optimized IT infrastructure and a fully-outsourced IT department on call, the days of downtime are over.

Is your organization looking for an outsourced IT department in West Chicago? Infiniwiz would love to help. No matter the size of your business or the industry you’re in, our team can provide fully-managed IT service and support. If you’re looking for outsourced IT services in Chicago, Infiniwiz is a click or a call away!

Give us a call anytime at (847) 350-7652, or visit our website at www.infiniwiz.com to book an initial consultation about outsourcing your IT department.