Sometimes, we find that business owners are reluctant to make the switch to hosted desktop services, but not because they don’t understand the great benefits that are to be had. Rather, they’re afraid the migration to hosted desktop will be difficult and time consuming. If these are some of your fears, here is some information that might help ease your mind.

* When you obtain hosted desktop services from Infiniwiz, you will discover that we approach your impending migration with the goal that it be as smooth as possible. We know you don’t want downtime. We know your business doesn’t need unexpected glitches and things not working as they should. The point of migration is to make your business technology run better and at a cost you can afford.

* Because you need the process to go smoothly and we are committed to making it that way, we start with a scope assessment. Our specialists will work with you to document all of your servers, applications, printers, scanners and anything else that we need to consider before the migration begins.

* Our planning includes ensuring that your applications are compatible and that any possible problems are dealt with early and resolved pre-migration.

* You will know exactly when the migration will take place, because we will schedule it. Once everything is set up, we provide provisioning, testing, and training before it goes live.

* At the point that you and your staff feel comfortable with how it all works, and you tell us you’re ready, we will switch your live data over. We will keep you completely appraised as to the progress of this.

* You will always have support available to you, any time, any day of the week, and your specialist will be following up to ensure that everything is working for you just as it should.
We have provided hosted desktop services to businesses all across the United States, and we’re well experienced in the process of migration. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started!