Top Web Based Tools for Self-Promotion for Artists & Musicians

To say that web self-promotion has changed the arts is a gross understatement. The web has completely turned the music industry on its head, in both medium and marketing. It doesn’t stop there. Web promotion opportunities in the visual arts are equally exciting. Here are four web-based tools for artists and musicians to use for […]

Top 4 Tech Tools for Medical Startup

Using technology to improve health care seems obvious, right? After all, billions of dollars are spent on medical research every year. But the technology we’re talking about here is about improving the medical experience, not necessarily the medicine. Consider patient portals to replace otherwise arduous telephone and office tasks, tablets to streamline the check-in process […]

Top Web Based Tools for Restaurants

The restaurant world remains closely tied to its past. Ancient cooking techniques like confit (to flavor/preserve food by submerging it in its own fat) and curing (to flavor/preserve food using salt, sugar and nitrates) remain as popular now as they were hundreds of years ago when they were used out of electricity-less necessity. This respect […]

VoIP Phone Systems vs. TDM: Who Really Wins on Cost?

The cost savings of a hosted VoIP phone system often comes under scrutiny from some of the remaining providers of TDM, or “traditional”, phone systems. You know the kind, those broom closet phone boxes of yore. Through the use of a narrow lens, they push out misinformation that may lead small business owners to think […]