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Evanston, IL Managed IT Support

Since 2002, Infiniwiz has been providing Managed IT services across the Chicago Area, Illinois.

While Evanston is renowned as a college town, it also stands out for its business scene, with numerous establishments constantly opening throughout the city. The continuous emergence of businesses attracts people worldwide and makes the town feel like home for those who come! At Infiniwiz, our goal is to ensure that your company has top-notch technological assistance to thrive and contribute to the success of the Evanston community.

Are you looking for secure Cloud Services Integration to access your business information anytime and anywhere? Infiniwiz assists in leveraging cloud services to enhance business operations. This involves setting up cloud-based collaboration tools, email services, and data storage solutions to improve efficiency and scalability.

Our Evanston IT Consulting Services

Our Evanston IT consulting firm is proud to offer a full range of IT solutions to accommodate your business’s unique needs. If you’re searching for an IT consulting company near you, our knowledgeable team can help.

Our Evanston IT consulting services include:

  • Managed IT Services: Our complete IT management services cover each of your organization’s IT needs, from technical support and strategic consulting to hardware and software management.
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support: We know problems rarely arise at convenient times. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you at any time to ensure you can get back up and running rapidly. We’ve honed our help desk process over the years to promote seamless and efficient assistance.
  • Monitoring & Operations: We use an array of cutting-edge tools and strategies to monitor and update your environment constantly. Our team will also continuously improve your workflow to ensure your team can work uninterrupted and securely.
  • IT Strategy & Consulting: Our knowledgeable IT consultants offer expert support and guidance to help you navigate and achieve your organization’s goals by leveraging technology, from assessing IT infrastructure to limiting risk.
  • Cloud Management: Cloud services are an integral part of nearly every business. Our team will design, implement, and manage a cloud environment that fits your business’s goals.
  • Security: A strong security strategy is crucial for your business. Through careful planning, tool implementation, workflow updates, and policy enhancements, we’ll help you create a strategy that matches your company’s needs.

Our Evanston IT consulting firm is here to help you find the IT solutions your business needs. Call us today at (847) 443-5248 or complete our online form to get started today and get the most from your IT partner.

Our Reviews

Eleanor K.

Infiniwiz! One of the best customer-focused, technology-advanced IT companies I have worked with. Infiniwiz is shaping future products and implementing innovation. Amazing customer experience and effective results. Highly recommended.

Tyler Z.

Infiniwiz has been our IT provider for many years at this point. Their quick response times and the entirety of their support staff are always helpful and courteous. Their quick responses get us back online and running for smooth operation. The team has been helpful in teaching me how to prevent issues from happening repeatedly, and has provided valuable education, helping us understand the 'why' behind issues that we've faced. Much appreciated, Infiniwiz Team.

David S.

Infiniwiz is an excellent company, all-around. Their combined knowledge and expertise are robust, and their customer service team is outstanding to work with - extremely responsive and professional. Great to do business with!

Lee S.

Our company partnered with Infiniwiz to manage our IT infrastructure, and my experience working with them has been stellar. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and competent. When we run into IT issues, their response time is great. They are an outstanding organization, and I've been extremely satisfied with their service.

Krystina B.

Infiniwiz has been our IT company for over 7 years - what I love most about working with them is how quick they are to respond and resolve issues. We started working with them as a smaller firm, and as we grew, they were still able to accommodate our increased needs. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable in the tech space, and their employees are very kind and easy to work with. I highly recommend Infiniwiz whether you have a small, medium, or large size company.

Alex N.

Infiniwiz has been very professional, accommodating, and has resolved every issue we have had so far. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an outstanding IT company.

Gene K.

The folks at Infiniwiz went above and beyond to make sure every little request is taken care of for us. When they didn't have an answer right away, they did their due diligence to find a solution. They also gave assurances that if anything related to this project needs to be adjusted or reconfigured, they'll be there to take care of it.

Patricia S.

Infiniwiz does a fantastic job of responding to our IT needs. They go above and beyond in ensuring their clients are satisfied. We're extremely grateful for their services and highly recommend them.

Frances C.

It is my pleasure working with Infiniwiz. The IT team is helpful when needed and follows up to make sure all issues are solved in a timely manner.
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