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Monitoring & Operations

We monitor, update, automate and optimize business environments for uninterrupted and secure work.
Monitoring & Operations

Experienced any of these recently?

  • Computer unexpectedly stopped working.
  • Lost hours of work because of a file gone missing.
  • Software crashed before you got a chance to save your work.
  • Unhappy employees because of slow or failing computers.
  • Must constantly call IT admin to grant permissions for requests by software.
“It is my pleasure working with Infiniwiz. The IT team is helpful when needed and follow up to make sure all issues are solved in a timely matter.”
Frances C.
Healthcare Industry

How Monitoring & Maintenance Works

To ensure that your team works uninterrupted and securely, our Monitoring & Operations team is in charge of monitoring and updating your environment. The same group is also tasked with continuously improving your workflow by automating software requests and optimizing resources.

Monitoring Tools
Infiniwiz employes cutting-edge monitoring tools to consistently monitor the well-being, efficiency, and security of your IT infrastructure.
Alerts & Incident Response
Upon detecting any irregularity or potential problem, the monitoring system promptly directs alerts to the dedicated IT support team.
We always look for ways to automate using Remote Monitoring & Maintenance (RMM) remediation, scripting, and Privilege Access Management (PAM) software.
Patch Management
The service incorporates scheduled patch management, keeping software, operating systems, and firmware up to date with security patches.
Performance Optimization
Enhancing efficiency through meticulous setting adjustments and proactive maintenance measures for optimal equipment performance.
Best Practice Alignment
Decades of working with organizations form different industries and listening to IT industry leaders have resulted in best practices that we apply to every client.

What is in it for you?

  • No more “putting fires out” – issues are proactively identified and resolved before they become problems.
  • Happy employees with all technology performing optimally and providing maximum output.
  • Your clients are delighted as they experience no delays, ensuring their satisfaction.
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What Is In It For You?

Infiniwiz Services in Real World.

A practical illustration of how our Managed IT service will seamlessly support your organization.
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