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Chicago Outsourced IT Services

We’re experienced, professional and fully certified Outsourced IT Services professionals in Chicago Area. The Infiniwiz journey traces its path all the way back to an IT consulting company startup in 2002.

Top-rated Chicago Outsourced IT Services Company

What does that mean for your business?

It means that the Infiniwiz team aren’t rookies – and we don’t make rookie mistakes with your IT.

Sure, there are plenty of computer-fix-it guys and fly-by-night companies that are happy to rope you into a break/fix service contract.

We’re different.


Well, we partner with our clients to give them seamless, secure IT services that results in better efficiency and more productivity.

Simply put…

With our managed services model, we are only successful if we deliver seamless IT that supports your business objectives.

Outsourced IT Services and Technical Support

We’re on a mission to bring the best of today’s technology to businesses large and small, without the prohibitive price tag.

You can leverage the full benefits of the latest in technology and cloud hosting solutions!

Just call us.

We’re growing quickly and are excited to be helping more and more businesses to improve their processes.

About now you’re asking yourself…

“How can Infiniwiz help my Chicago business?”

Let’s start with the easy answers.

  • We’ll fix the big IT problems – and even the little annoyances that are driving you nuts.
  • We’ll optimize your IT environment to give you smooth operation and greater efficiency.
  • We’ll give you complete IT care for an easily-budgeted monthly fee.
  • All included… No more surprise bills!

But it’s not just about the service.

You want to know whether you can trust us, right?

Infiniwiz service is powered by a top-notch team.

We are committed to excellence in service.

Our staff and technology are managed in-house.

We don’t let anyone else decide how to treat our customers or our systems…

You could say we’re control freaks that way.


Why use up valuable employee time with the time-draining tasks of maintenance and support?

Put your resources to work where they are really needed. Outsource it all to Infiniwiz!

We’ll do it all for you.

Got internal IT staff?

Great! We love working with other techs.

We’ll work in coordination with your IT department, allowing them to focus on the internal IT requests and big-picture strategy.

Put our decades of IT outsourcing experience to work for you

Give us a try and see for yourself. We’re not the new kids on the block. We’re experienced, professional and fully certified outsourced Chicago IT services professionals.

Let’s get started!

Call (847) 713-1291 or email

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