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Chicago Cloud Management

We specialize in configuring and overseeing an array of cloud-based services. From selecting the most suitable cloud infrastructure to managing various communication systems like Email and VoIP, we ensure your Chicago cloud management needs are at the forefront of our solutions.

What Is Cloud Management?

Cloud management is about overseeing cloud computing services and products in a way that's organized and efficient. It involves a variety of tasks like setting up, adding resources, keeping an eye on them, and making sure they perform well. As businesses use technology to get more done, our team uses their know-how to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Public/Private Cloud: We manage cloud environments tailored to specific business needs, ensuring secure and efficient operations.
  • Email Platforms: Seamless email communication is vital; we oversee these systems for maximum uptime and security.
  • Business File Sharing: Our management extends to file-sharing systems, providing safe and accessible storage solutions.
  • Unified Communications: We ensure that multiple communication tools work together harmoniously for improved collaboration.

Rely on Infiniwiz IT to navigate the complex landscape of cloud management platforms, and we’ll find the optimal cloud environment to propel your organization forward.

How We Streamline Business File Sharing

Our implementation is swift and non-disruptive, leading to an efficient file-sharing environment that integrates smoothly with existing workflows.
Also, our Help Desk is committed to providing your staff with the necessary training and ongoing support as needed.

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Google Drive
  • Ignite
  • Dropbox

Communication Tools Without A Hitch

We help improve how you communicate and work together by helping you choose and use different communication tools.

  • VoIP Phone Services: Exceptional clarity and reliability for your telephony needs. We tailor these services meticulously to fit your unique work environment.
  • Zoom: A comprehensive platform for webinars and meetings, ensuring no participant misses a beat. We streamline the process, leading to a hassle-free user experience.
  • Microsoft Teams: An all-encompassing suite for team collaboration, document sharing, and communication. We are here to ensure its seamless melding into your workflow.
  • Slack: For immediate and organized messaging across teams, we foster the most efficient use of this platform through our expert guidance and training.

Chicago Industries We Serve

We at Infiniwiz IT offer proficient Chicago cloud management solutions across an array of sectors. Our expert services are tailored to the distinct demands of each industry.

  • Healthcare: With patient privacy at the forefront, we safeguard medical information with robust security, ensuring both protection and compliance. Our systems permit immediate, yet secure, access for healthcare professionals.
  • Finance: For financial institutions, our cloud management tools streamline workflows for heightened efficiency while maintaining the integrity of sensitive data.
  • Legal: Legal entities benefit from our services as we provide secure, uncomplicated access to case files and documents, addressing the industry's unique data management needs.
  • Manufacturing: We boost the manufacturing sector with aids in supply chain optimization while elevating operational productivity.
  • Education: Our Chicago cloud management services offer educational institutions secure, innovative technology solutions that enhance teaching and learning experiences.
  • Nonprofit: Tailored Chicago cloud management support for nonprofits features cost-effective, secure, and efficient IT solutions, allowing organizations to focus more on their mission.

It’s time to get started.

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