Upgrade Your Business Without Downgrading Your Cashflow

Changing technology presents a constantly changing challenge for many small and mid-sized businesses. They lack the capital to invest heavily in repeated tech upgrades or a dedicated IT staff to maintain the systems already in use at optimal levels. Once the province of large corporations with a decentralized service structure, increasingly small business entrepreneurs are […]

Network Architecture with Hyper-V Clusters

To get very high uptime, servers need to have failover capability. If the primary server goes down for any reason, another one takes over for it. The failover machine has the same software and shares access to the primary server’s data. The traditional approach is to have a backup machine for each primary, but virtualization […]

How to Follow up a Comprehensive IT Audit

A company with a complex IT structure needs to conduct comprehensive IT audits at least once a year. These help to insure that it isn’t mismanaging resources, exposing itself to legal risks, or leaving itself vulnerable to attacks over the Internet. If an audit doesn’t reveal any bad news, you’ve done your job well and […]