7 Tips for Talking to Company Leaders About Data Security

Need to approach a manager or board about data security? Here’s how to make sure it goes smoothly. Do you need to sell a data security or IT plan to company leaders? Whether it’s a full presentation or just a short but urgent talk with a manager about strategy, it’s important to make your point […]

Memorial Day – Reflecting On Sacrifice

Memorial Day has been observed on the final Monday in May each year since 1971, but this occasion traces its roots back much farther in our country’s history. Originally known as Decoration Day, this day was first established during the Civil War in 1862 and was marked by loved ones decorating the graves of those […]

6 Lessons Every Company Should Learn from the WannaCry Ransomware

WannaCry’s ransomware attack is mostly over – here are the lessons businesses must learn from the experience. WannaCry was a particularly nasty bit of ransomware that infected Windows systems via network connections and encrypted important files to hold them as a ransom for bitcoins. The first wave of WannaCry is over, and we can learn […]

7 Tips On How to Better Manage Your Business Facebook Group

Facebook Groups can be a valuable tool for your business – if you use them correctly! A Facebook Group allows you to connect with a community of Facebook users over a shared feed and a common interest. The interest could be your business, your type of products, your general industry, or any related topic. Some […]

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with the Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) lets manufacturers optimize their factory with sensors, internet connectivity, and data analysis. This streamlines manufacturing increases collaboration and creates new experiences for the customer.   By now, most of us have some understanding of the “Internet of Things” or IoT, in which everyday items are connected to the internet […]