IT Solutions in Chicago

Who provides a full menu of
IT Solutions in the Chicago area?

Introducing: Our Full Menu of IT Solutions in the Chicago Area Make sure your technology adds real value to your business and improves how you operate with IT Solutions in the Chicago area from Infiniwiz. We know that most business owners and managers aren’t IT experts, and we don’t expect you to be. Your job […]

Employers Listen Up: Social Media Risks You May Not Know

As an employer, it’s essential that you understand the responsibility you have when managing your employees’ social media use. How should you regulate the social media activities of your employees? You’ve probably heard this question before – It’s been an issue since social media first became popular. Unsure Of What Social Media Sites Your Staff […]

Website Tip: How to Turn Browsers into Buyers—Six Tips

Are you frustrated by low website conversion numbers? Maybe it’s not your product or service. You may just need to rethink your website.   Even though your website is generating a steady flow of traffic it’s not enough. Did you know that half of all visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? Fifteen seconds? […]

Data Theft and Its Impact on Your Business  

The full cost of a data breach can be enormous: Here’s what’s at stake when it comes to hacking.   IT service and security companies always warn their clients about just how bad a data breach could be. However, you need to know more than generalities. It’s time for some specifics about the total potential […]

Can you recognize a Phishing Scam?

Infiniwiz has produced this short, informative video to make sure you understand how to recognize Phishing and Spear Phishing. Make sure you and your employees are properly armed to fight this ongoing crime. If you still have questions be sure to give Infiniwiz a call!