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Dell Partner | Elk Grove Village, IL

We Are The IT Consulting Organization In Chicago & Surrounding Collar Counties That Helps Companies Boost Their Operating Efficiency, Create More Unified Business Functions, Improve Customer Service, And Utilize Technology To Move Forward.

Dell solutions are great with Infiniwiz expertise

One of the largest technological manufacturers in the world, Dell, is a multinational IT solution that develops and sells computer-related products and services.

Our partnership with Dell allows us to deliver top of the line hardware and software solutions that help our clients succedd in daily business tasks. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company looking to scale your business, Dell products are great when combined with Infiniwiz expertise.

Infiniwiz is a licensed Dell partner / Dell reseller / Dell consultant / Dell dealer serving companies in the Elk Grove Village, IL area. Our expert Dell consultants can help your company select and implement the proper Dell products and solutions for your environment.


Space-saving desktop configuration perfect for small spaces and ideal for expandability.

From high-definition monitors to mice and keyboards, printers and toners, Dell has everything you need and more.

A versatile density and performance. With Dell, your network is never short on power or storage.

Connect and manage your growing business. Dell servers are reliable & easy to manage and expand.

After over a decade, we have come to know that every business has different needs. Our goal is to make the most of your technology with a personalized deployment plan designed to meet exactly what your business needs. We provide you with assessment reports, easy and flexible procurement terms, and a complete range of Dell products.

As your Dell partner, your new hardware and software come with service, support, and a maintenance strategy to help you achieve business goals.

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